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Stories Of Craigslist Interactions Gone Way Incorrect

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Stories Of Craigslist Interactions Gone Way Incorrect

There is grounds you mustn’t fulfill strangers from the internet – you never know who’s lurking behind the computer display screen. Can help you every thing right, like meet in a general public destination and never ever expose your property target, but creepy Craigslist encounters are bound to ultimately take place.

For almost any time some body has effectively offered an utilized Xbox or electric electric electric guitar, you can find Craigslist interactions gone incorrect. If you are strapped for money, offering additional what to random individuals on the web appears very easy. But do not be tricked. It really is nearly impossible to share with exactly exactly what’s legit and what exactly is a absurd advertising or frightening Craigslist tale waiting to take place. Are really a few bucks well worth an encounter that is crazy?

These redditors that are brave their Craigslist stories, through the hilarious towards the utterly terrifying. From complicated insurance coverage frauds to savvy Redditors operating sting operations for taken gear, just what these Craigslist stories all have commonly is the fact that none of them went as prepared.

The Noble Thief

”My buddy ended up being attempting to purchase one thing off craigslist (Houston if anybody’s interested).He made arrangements to satisfy someplace, decided on an amount, blah blah blah.Couple mins later, the man calls my buddy as well as states, ’Hey guy, do not come.

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