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Which are the biggest fables about bisexual individuals, in your viewpoint?

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Which are the biggest fables about bisexual individuals, in your viewpoint?

Woman A: That we have been greedy. Or that individuals are doing it for male attention.

Girl B: positively that bisexual individuals are simply confused and the box must be checked by them for straight or check out the field for homosexual. Nobody has to label couples webcam by themselves by something which does not fit.

Woman C: that people are additional promiscuous. Simply that I have any desire to bang every person I see walking down the street because I like men and women doesn’t mean. Another huge misconception is that this will be only a ”phase” or that i am simply ”curious.” Nope. There is term for women (and dudes) that are simply wondering: bi-curious. We absolutely realize that We have an attraction toward men and women similarly; there isn’t any question about this.

Woman D: that individuals all must like one sex throughout the other. I believe which is therefore ridiculous. We hate being asked that concern. Additionally the misconception that people’re slutty is super frustrating. I’m slutty because i like resting with a lot of people, maybe perhaps not because I am bisexual.

How do individuals who aren’t bisexual (right or homosexual) be better allies?

Girl A: never be astonished if some one you realize in a hetero relationship is obviously queer. Acknowledge that element of their sex exists.

Girl B: first of all, let us stop with, ”so that you’re gay now?” or, ”Are you straight now?” that does not do such a thing but make somebody uncomfortable.

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