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@BlklthrDaddy: “…The relationship component is really what scares the people the most and them being called homosexual. ”

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@BlklthrDaddy: “…The relationship component is really what scares the people the most and them being called homosexual. ”

You then don’t obtain the “benefits”/goodies. Now, a guy who’s maybe maybe not frightened and don’t journey to be “mislabeled” that is another ballgame, and i’ve had my buddies like this since I have had been 12 years old!


Please don’t take this as an insult for you and James, but…

There’s a large rational inconsistency going on here.

James states never to allow individuals label you. Okay, cool. He also calls you their “teenage boyfriend”. Additionally cool.

But he identifies as straight. This is bisexuality under technical terms. Now, the desire is understood by me maybe perhaps perhaps not determine as such – if any such thing, it is limiting with its convenience. But if you ask me, as he says straight that is he’s this means he’s got privilege and then he does not would you like to let go of of it. He seems like a masculine guy, one by having a spouse and children. He would begin to lose heterosexual privileges if he were to openly identity as something other than straight.

James might not have confidence in labeling and rely on after your heart, but by saying he’s directly despite other stuff truly contradicting that, it looks like he’s unwilling to allow get of privileges that are included with being regarded as heterosexual.

It’s great he should walk the walk, too, if that’s how he truly feels that he can talk the talk, but.

Because he’s not straight. He doesn’t need to be bi, either. They can be nothing – just James. (we, for example, have a tendency to call myself certainly one of “non-binary sexuality”, as it covers plenty of fucking bases. )


@Jacob23: Fatuous occurs when some one provides no proof but just insults a make use of a huge selection of sources. It is got by me. You’re made uncomfortable by the idea (a lot more like founded, if unacknowledged, fact) that intimate orientation is not quite the propaganda associated with last decades that are few “born that way.

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