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You in 2012, you mentioned – and I don’t remember what the context is when I interviewed

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You in 2012, you mentioned – and I don’t remember what the context is when I interviewed

– you pointed out you are enthusiastic about the prejudices that minorities have against other minorities, and also you thought that which was a excellent comedy area. And also you work that into the brand brand new show for the reason that there’s A indian girl whom didn’t obtain the arranged marriage she had been designed to have. And she married a Muslim man, after which they divorced, and none regarding the feamales in this specific Indian community wish to talk she had married a Muslim man with her because. Is the fact that a typical example of that which you had been referring to in regards to prejudices some minorities have about other minorities? Of course, in Asia.

GROSS: In Asia, Hindus aren’t a minority, however in America these are generally.

KALING: Yeah, absolutely. I do believe that is positively a typical example of that. We have seen firsthand the racism that Hindus feel towards Muslims as a result of, you realize – it really is strange to inherit a prejudice due to something which’s situated in India, you understand, because i do believe it is about Kashmir dilemmas and just the difficulties that take destination in Asia, and after that you’re expected to inherit them when you are right here, too. And thus we – that character felt really real to my childhood and my entire life of a female who’d made an option then ended up being shunned due to it.

GROSS: And exactly exactly exactly what would you find funny about those tensions?

KALING: I think it is funny because, into the typical white US, we are most likely the exact same. You understand, this really is – like, if you ask me, this really is a narcissism of tiny distinctions to your typical person that is american at an individual who is a dark-skinned Indian Hindu person and a dark-skinned Indian Muslim individual.

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