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Book Portrays J.F.K. As Reckless and Immoral

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Book Portrays J.F.K. As Reckless and Immoral

”The Dark Side of Camelot, ” a unique book because of the investigative reporter Seymour M. Hersh, relentlessly attempts to demythologize John F. Kennedy, portraying him as a careless, often-immoral cad whom accepted the assistance of mobsters to take the 1960 Presidential election, became enthusiastic about the necessity to assassinate Fidel Castro, and, against their better judgment, steered the united states of america deeper to the Vietnam war in order not to ever appear poor inside the campaign for the 2nd term.

Mr. Hersh’s tasks are a assortment of exposes, some big, some small, as opposed to a well-balanced account that is historical. Much anticipated, its already much reviled, attracting very early critique from main-stream historians like Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. And Stephen E. Ambrose and article writers like Theodore C. Sorensen, whom question the memories and motives of Mr. Hersh’s sources in order to find the accusations, in Mr. Sorensen’s terms, ”a pathetic assortment of crazy tales. ”

Whether or not the book survives the scrutiny of scholars, chances are to be the main topics a nationwide talkfest. Minimal, Brown and business, the publisher, begins attempting to sell the book on Monday with an unusual same-day distribution of 350,000 copies.

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