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Between World Wars, Gay Customs Flourished In Berlin

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Between World Wars, Gay Customs Flourished In Berlin

GROSS: i believe most of the individuals who the Department of Blackmail and Homosexuality went after were prostitutes as the division, though we interpreted, did not genuinely wish to follow, like, the middle income. Plus the presumption, too, i believe, had been that prostitutes who earn money in the intercourse trade had been additionally prepared to generate income through blackmailing the individuals they certainly were – who have been spending them to own intercourse.

But that causes, like, an entire other chapter into the tale, which was that there is lots of prostitution, male prostitutes, in homosexual Berlin during the time. Therefore let’s simply target, first, how prostitutes were mostly the folks who had been prosecuted, if i am aware properly, within the blackmail area of the Department of Blackmail and Homosexuality?

BEACHY: Yeah, that is absolutely accurate. Specially by the start of twentieth century, here seemed to be something similar to a scourge of blackmail. It had been just like a plague, and there have been a lot of instances that there is, actually increasingly, some sort of a campaign that is formal it. When these situations would arrive at test, the blackmailers, the male prostitutes, tended to get much weightier sentences than their victims, regardless if their victims had been additionally convicted underneath the statute that is anti-sodomy.

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