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Husband heard bout my promiscuous years that are teen

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Husband heard bout my promiscuous years that are teen

I have been hitched three years and my spouce and I have actually a relationship that is great on trust on we do not keep secrets.

I happened to be recently contacted on Facebook by Erica, a school friend that is high. Whenever we had been at school, we had been promiscuous. We did woman on woman, swapped boyfriends, had three straight ways, some stuff that is wild. In those days, we began dating a great man whom decided he don’t desire to be section of that, and we also ended up separating on it. Whenever this took place, we knew the things I had been doing wasn’t good and so I stopped residing that life style. I experienced boyfriends, therefore we had sex, but none regarding the wilder material Erica and I also did.

Erica and I also chatted by what we did on Facebook and my hubby saw it and now he is upset. He believes we hid one thing from him. He knew we was not a virgin once we got hitched, simply did not discover how crazy i obtained. I do not choose to speak about that section of my life because I more and more realized it wasn’t a good way to live and didn’t want to think about it as I got older.

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