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which is fine with us. But how come people that aren’t bisexual such as the word?

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which is fine with us. But how come people that aren’t bisexual such as the word?

Bisexuality is an ’easy choice’

Some individuals genuinely believe that bisexuals are simply homosexual and people that are lesbian do not want in the future away as gay or lesbian, as if saying you had been bisexual will allow one to sidestep the prejudices and discrimination we face. It is not a simpler choice. Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index questionnaire during 2009 confirmed it was incorrect it discovered that lesbian and homosexual workers felt more at ease being down at work than bisexual workers. They found that those bi employees (of ”Diversity Champions”) didn’t feel comfortable being out enough to even speak to their researchers when they were commissioned to research the experience of bi employees by the UK Government. Their studies indicated that 4% among these companies’ workforces defined as bisexual but focus that is nationwide netted only 30 individuals ready to go to.

Bisexuality is focused on being ”fluid”

Frequently you are going to hear long winded definitions of bisexuality are the term ’fluid’, or ’changeable’. Some bisexuals just like the term, like their sexuality does change over time because it feels to them. 1 day you could be just fancying long haired individuals, the week that is next your dreams may be about workers in offices, or pizza distribution individuals. Or perhaps you may well not some cial men and women have a kind and adhere to it. That is fine with us. But how come individuals who aren’t bisexual just like the term?

In terms of the attraction changing, flowing, from same sex to opposite sex and back again because it explains away the gender attraction they can’t get their head around people liking more than one gender, so they couch it. Whenever non bisexuals bisexuality that is define ”fluid” whatever they often suggest is ”there is no-one to be genuinely drawn to multiple gender on top of that, so that it must certanly be about being homosexual some times and right other people”.

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