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Contraception Urban Urban Myths:All You Should Know

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Contraception Urban Urban Myths:All You Should Know

You can find a true range birth prevention practices which are noteworthy in preventing pregnancy. There’s also a complete large amount of misinformation on how to make use of contraception, in addition to some techniques that merely try not to work.

Listed here are some typically common fables sex that is regarding contraception.

1. I’m breastfeeding and so I can’t have a baby.

Nursing may help alleviate problems with maternity if a female is at 6 months of distribution, have not had a menstrual period plus the child is just feeding on breast milk (no formula or soft meals supplementation). All three of the requirements should be met for nursing to be a form that is effective of. In every other circumstances, ovulation may appear even though a female is breastfeeding.

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