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Bel Crawford

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Bel Crawford


We discussed dating and social pressures in my own past post ’Love, dodging the F males (my Mum informs me down for swearing) and living your life that is best’, but really have you tried dating in 2018? It’s a prepared and game right that is twisted? It really is such as a real world game of snakes and ladders. About a minute you are within the the top of ladder experiencing a million dollars you i CAN SEE DEM BOOTY GAINS GURL YAAS YOU ARE FIRE! ) because you rolled a six, the next you’re sliding down a slippery snake (slash you’ve been snaked) and you’ve fallen hard on your cute little butt (you’ve been doing your squats haven’t. That punisher you sit close to in the office could be like ”we actually hardly understand the way you’re nevertheless solitary, we came across Dennis once I had been 17 and we also had been hitched at 19, household, three young ones by 28 in addition to sleep is history. ” Yeah well do you know what Susan, homes had been like $5, internet dating and social media marketing didn’t exist also it wbecause not as difficult as it is now. The word ’Fuck Boy’ had not come to exist yet just how it, I am honestly sick of your judgemental shit about you zip!


Dating apps like Tinder have actually changed the dating game. And not just the relationship game, however now the person with average skills will experience some crazy ass times and communications, There are plenty tales and screenshots of conversations the thing is that provided on social media marketing, once you think with people based on your geography about it, it’s kind of a crazy concept that you can end up on a date with someone you’ve only met because of an app which connects you. (there is something to include the geography NCEA curriculum am I right? ) ”So how did Anna fulfill Dave once again? ” DUE TO GEOGRAPHY okay SUSAN, LOOK IT!

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